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Besides transport freight forwarding services include the following:

  • prompt submission of all the documents necessary for the cargo clearance to the port authorities;
  • representation of the cargo owner’s interests in the territory of the port and performance of his instructions concerning the cargo handling;
  • payment of works for the cargo transferring within the port terminal and stevedoring company services in proper time;
  • control of quarantine authority’s operation;
  • choice of means and optimal size of transport;
  • selection of convenient route of delivery;
  • solution of legal issues including customs clearance;
  • forwarding the transport on the route;
  • acceptance, warehousing, storage and transportation of any lot of the cargo;
  • expert surveys arrangement.

Our company provides forwarding within the port on the basis of the contracts signed with all the participants of the process which allows us relieving our customers from the problems connected with the documents execution. Cargo forwarding allows the customer having permanent control over their transportation on a real-time basis which is critical for transportation of perishable goods.

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Central Federal District

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Modern logistic business is a complex of arrangements among which transportation is just a little part. Our company offers transportation and forwarding services within the port of Novorossiysk to provide carrying out of operations for the cargo storage, insurance and delivery. Such services include the following:

  • accounting and warehousing of the goods arrived in compliance with all requirements;
  • performance of warehouse operations;
  • ensuring of material supplies and legal implementation, insurance;
  • consolidation, packaging and transportation of the goods;
  • monitoring of transportation on the approved route and solution of the problems arising on the way.

For the purpose of transport forwarding, we execute documentation where specify name of the goods carried, date of delivery from the consignor to the consignee and all the conditions required for their successful delivery. This allows us reducing risks associated with delivery of perishable goods and other cargoes and recover all the customer’s expenses for transport forwarding.

Import and export of the goods are not only their direct delivery to the consignee but successful interaction with customs authorities and other regulatory bodies. BSG renders the following transport forwarding services for international cargo transportation:

  • acceptance and shipment of the goods;
  • handling formalities and legal support;
  • customs clearance performance;
  • warehousing at the port;
  • monitoring of transportation on the approved route and regular informing of the Customer;
  • determining on the required means of transport including for oversized, massive and perishable goods.

Solution of all such problems using the customer’s own resources will take mush time and a lot of additional expenses. We are certified customs brokers providing international forwarding of the cargo. Cooperation with our company will allow you expediting customs clearance of your goods, to provide the goods safety and optimize logistics.


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Our company offers forwarding services for transportation of bulk cargoes by railway road. This is one of the most cost-effective and safe methods of transportation which has important advantages:

  • optimal price for delivery made strictly according to the schedule;
  • customs clearance and legal support;
  • selection of railroads rolling stock (reefer cars, container cars, open cars, grain wagon, etc);
  • shipment from the warehouse or immediately at the port;
  • coordination of international transportation;
  • approval of optimal route;
  • monitoring of transportation on the whole route and regular feedback with the customer;
  • performance of loading/unloading operations.

Due to professional competence of the company’s employees we can provide prompt and safe delivery of any cargo including perishable, oversized or dangerous ones. All the problems arising during forwarding of the cargoes by railway are solved quickly and efficiently without influencing terms of delivery and the goods integrity.


Specific service of our company is forwarding of the cargoes within the port of Novorossiysk. It is a complex service including a set of procedures performed by the specialized professionals:

  • check of the documents submitted by the cargo owner;
  • arrangement of customs clearance, payment of duties, port charges;
  • performance of loading-unloading operations;
  • obtaining approvals of relevant authorities (Russian Consumer Protection Agency, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control, fumigation, chemical and radioactive control);
  • warehousing and customs clearance of the goods, carrying out of the port and re-taring of the cargo;
  • selection of transportation means and further forwarding in Novorossiysk and other regions of the RF.

When carrying out intra-port forwarding our company undertakes explicit obligations fixed in the relevant contract. Well-functioning mechanism of cooperation and interaction with the port authorities, administrative and regulating bodies allows us save time and money on the goods delivery.


One of the most popular transportation services provided by BSG is forwarding of the cargo transportation by road. It means “door-to-door” delivery by automobile transport. Truck fleet of our company includes refrigerator and insulated vans designed for delivery of the perishable goods. It includes also covered trucks, towing vehicles, semi-trailer trucks, open carts and low-loaders for oversized cargoes delivery. Forwarding of the cargo transportation by road arranged by our company has the following advantages:

  • full responsibility for the cargo safety until it is delivered to the consignee;
  • compliance with the delivery terms agreed upon earlier;
  • selection of the truck of suitable type and capacity;
  • formalities handling, monitoring of the goods transportation and regular informing of the customer on its location;
  • storage at the warehouse, availability of composite cargoes shipment;
  • arrangement of route and coordination of the optimal route.

Forwarding of the cargo transportation by road allows the customer getting rid of selection of suitable variants, preparation of documents by his own resources to save his money and time. Permanent monitoring of the delivery process guarantees safety of the cargo transportation.


  • We have been working for more than 5 years at the port of Novorossiysk
  • We have accumulated practical experience of complex cargoes handling (perishable cargoes, special purpose machinery, industrial equipment, production lines for in-plant assembly, hazardous cargoes)
  • We are aware of particularities of operation of the customs, veterinary, phytosanitary authorities and cooperate with the port authorities
  • We solve all the problems emerged promptly and efficiently
  • We protect our customer’s interests competently
  • We take care of the cargo quality
  • We provide successful completion of customs formalitie
We’ll help you to calculate price of our services for reefer cargo transportation.


Consulting and support 

The company’s professionals will prepare documents for the customs clearance which expedites the Cargo Declaration issuing.

Customs clearance and cargoes declaration

Full complex of customs broker services, execution of documents for the import/export operations, temporary import/export, transit transference, preparation of full set of documents required for the Cargo Declaration.

Customs support at each stage

Expediting of the procedure for preparation and obtaining of the approval documents for import, calculation of the customs duties, passing the customs examinations, customs inspection complex, veterinary and phytosanitary control, return of security.

Full complex of BSG customs services 


  • Determination of the classification code of the goods according to the EAEU Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity; 
  • Check of shipment documents with recommendations;
  • Preliminary calculation and payment of the customs duties/taxes;
  • Declaration of the goods including handling with uncompensated sending (certification/test samples);
  • Customs clearance with the seal of the representative/declarant as agreed upon by the parties;
  • Submission of information of the status of the goods documents processing by e-mail, SMS, mobile messaging services;
  • Confirmation of the customs value;
  • Support during customs examination;
  • Consulting in respect of customs formalities handling.


  • Facilitating the goods certification, obtaining of other approval documents from the relevant authorities;
  • Temperature control warehouse for temporary storage of the cargo;
  • Expert opinions for the purpose of the customs control (determination of whether the equipment may be classified as the used goods; determination of the average market price; identification examination);
  • Intra-port forwarding, further shipment of the imported and exported goods;
  • Check of compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions in respect of the goods to be declared;
  • Control of the goods marking compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.



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When calculating price for the Cargo forwarding, we treat each project individually and offer favorable terms of cooperation. Price for forwarding service is formed on the basis of the following services prices included into the complex:

  • Particularities and conditions of the transportation. We offer special (increased) rates for perishable, hazardous and oversized cargoes.
  • Preparation of documents, interaction with the customs and other regulatory authorities.
  • Overall dimensions and volume of the cargo lot. Such information allows choosing optimal means of transport and its size.
  • Length and specific features of the route including quality of roads and traffic congestion, speed limits.
  • Escorting of the cargoes to provide their safety.

According to our experience cost of the cargo forwarding is much lower than possible losses from unforeseen delays and requirements for approvals in case of delivery arrangement by the customer’s own resources. Cooperation with BSG allows providing safety and maximum promptness of delivery from the consignor to the customer.

You can order forwarding services over the telephone or filling in the electronic form available on our web-site. We work with legal entities focusing on perishable goods delivery, but we work with other goods too.

What our customers say

  • FURNITURE FACTORY “RAINBOW” Sole Proprietor, Tumen

    We express our thanks to the managers and employees of BSG for honest partnership relations and profitable cooperation, prompt and effective delivery of the cargoes and complex problems solving. Our priority is accurate compliance with the delivery terms and BSG provides it constantly. Due to the professional assistance of BSG employees we managed to avoid large penalties and to solve disputable situation emerged during import supplies performance in a professional way.


Customs representative’s license, accumulated practical experience, strict performance of our obligations at each stage of our cooperation.

Prompt and effective processing of the orders, selection of means of transport and route, on-line tracking of the cargo movement.

Assistance in filling in the transportation, commercial documents, consulting in respect of the customs legislation.

High level of professional competence of the customs clearance managers (choice of suitable customs procedure, code of the goods according to the EAEU Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity with documentary support).

Optimizing of route to deliver the cargoes to Ukraine, Russian Central Federal District and Southern Federal District, flexibility in complex situations.

Strict document reporting system, transparency in mutual relationships.

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